Application Scenarios | Boomerang Notification Services for SQL Server

Application Scenarios

Boomerang Notification Services can be used for a wide variety of applications. The following business scenarios provide examples of how you may use Boomerang to improve communication, integration  and efficiency in your business.

Application Scenarios | Boomerang Notification Services for SQL Server

Consumer Applications

  • A brokerage firm sends stock and fund prices based on customer-defined criteria. The notification contains a link that enables the customer to buy or sell shares.
  • A a company sends low-balance and payment due notifications to the customers preferred device, such as email, fax and mail.
  • An airline sends information about flight arrivals and delayed departures.
  • A real estate agent sends listings that match a client’s criteria for a new home.

Line of Business Applications

  • In technical support group all new incoming support tickets (emails) are automatically received logged and responded to with a link to the ticket id and current progress.
  • Changes on a corporate website are posted to the company’s twitter account as they are being made.
  • Your customer relations management (CRM) system, responding to a customer requiring immediate attention, sends a customer request to the account manager.
  • A customer requires that your invoice is sent electronically according to a specific XML standard. When a new invoice is created it is automatically sent to the customers designated email inbox.
  • One of your suppliers request that forecast changes to be communicated in a EDI format. Twice a day a EDI file containing forecast changes is compiled and saved to a shared Dropbox account.
  • When a new order is received a pick list is printed, order confirmation faxed and a new order notification emailed simultaneously to the stock picker, customer and account manager respectively

Business Intelligence Applications

  • Mentions of your brand on Twitter are gathered and stored into a data warehouse for further analysis
  • Your partner network submit their sales forecast using your excel template. The email is received, parsed and imported to the partner forecast table in the data warehouse.
  • Critical customer satisfaction KPI’s are being contiguously monitored. If any KPI drops below established level a SSRS report detailing the issue is sent to relevant people in the organization.
  • When sales in a region is below budget a sales overview report is sent to the regional manager.

Employee Communication

  • All changes to an employees file is communicated to the employee in question for transparency and accuracy. By replying to the email the employee may update current address.
  • You are working on a new product and need to keep informed of product-related research. When a new report is available from the corporate library, you receive an e-mail that contains a link to the report.