What Can Boomerang Do | Boomerang Notification Services for SQL Server

What Can Boomerang Do?

Improve Communication with your Business Stakeholders

Send tailored notifications with relevant and accurate information for improved and timely communication with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Keep all of your stakeholders updated and informed with automated notifications. With Boomerang’s pre-built component you can create powerful notification solutions quickly.


Exception Management

Direct your attention to where it matters, may it be a late delivery, an arising supplier quality issue or an unhappy customer. With fully customizable and automated alerts you may easily direct the attention of your organization to deviations to improve business operations.

Streamline Business Processes

Remove unnecessary steps and streamline your business processes. Avoid having your customer services rep clicking around multiple applications for a nugget of information that could have easily been served, automatically, with Boomerang Notification Framework.

Automate BI Distribution

Distribute Business Intelligence reports and KPI’s to your stakeholders. Boomerang Notification Framework offers full integration with SQL Server Reporting Services that let you distribute information dynamically to wide array of devices. Learn more on Data Driven Subscriptions with Boomerang Notification Framework.

Integrate and Consolidate

Do you have multiple application that virtually does the same thing? Simplify your IT infrastructure by integrating and consolidating all your communication infrastructure like printers, fax and mail servers. Boomerang offers a full suite of notification, communication and integration features that is fully service oriented.

Learn what is said About your Products on Twitter

Boomerang offers several powerful inbound features. You can for example direct mail flows to Boomerang for automating answering or classification of e-mail. You can also, in real time, tap into the Twitter stream to learn what is being said about your products or brands.