Why Boomerang | Boomerang Notification Services for SQL Server

Why Boomerang

The Need for Speed

IT shops everywhere are asked to do more, faster, with less or unchanged amounts of resources. In just about every development project that we have come across, there has been a demand for notification, communication or distribution of information. This ranges from a simple printout in a shipping application, to complex email thread handling in a tech support center.

With these insights we set out to build a notification software that is flexible, fast, dependable and that takes complexity out of the equation.

Get more results for less effort

With Boomerang’s pre-built components you can assemble powerful notification solutions in hours and it provides an easy and yet powerful alternative to writing code to connect to the different IT infrastructure like Fax and Email servers, Twitter and Dropbox.

With Boomerangs Notification Framework complexity is taken out of the equation and your focus can be shifted to solving business rather than technical challenges.

Boomerang Notification Services | The Need for Speed

4 Reasons why IT Professionals Love Boomerang

Boomerang is an IT dream: it gives you service oriented, utility like, notifications features that works with your existing infrastructure. IT can get back to delivering tangible results that adds business values rather than getting stuck in complex and slow moving IT projects.

Boomerang Notification Services | IT Loves Boomerang

1 – Service Orientation

Boomerang notification services provides one place to manage and create all notification and communication needs for an enterprise. Hook up all your IT on premises infrastructure like printers, fax and mail servers, file and ftp storage as well as your corporate accounts for Twitter, Dropbox or SkyDrive.

2 – Boomerang Speaks SQL

Business run on SQL – Boomerang speaks SQL, fluently. With Boomerang you don’t have to learn yet another tool or scripting language. Neither are you limited by wizards and graphical user interfaces. Some basic knowledge of T-SQL is all you need to start delivering notification awesomeness.

3 – Speed

Stuck in seemingly endless IT projects? With Boomerang Notification Framework you can go from idea to fully working solution in hours. All complexity is removed and you may focus on actually solving the the task at hand.

4 – Notification and Communication as a Utility

Need to notify the engineering group? Fax an order confirmation? Post Twitter status update? Regardless of notification, integration or communication task you can rely on a consistent and simple way to get it done, and get it done fast.